Chekt is a Contactless Food Locker Pickup System

Revolutionize the Pickup Experience

Chekt is a modular food locker pickup system designed to help high-volume foodservice businesses streamline their operations. Built by foodservice experts, Chekt’s end-to-end hardware and software solution helps foodservice operators reduce pickup error, increase throughput, optimize labor, and drive profitability, all while delighting diners.

A Solution Fine-Tuned For Your Needs

Reimagine the front-of-house experience with a solution fine-tuned for your operations.



Modular Design

Integrate with your existing platforms to improve your workflows without disrupting your business.

Software that scales and flexes with your current processes to meet your needs and streamline operations.

Chekt locker pods fit within any footprint and include features to optimize order handoff.

How It Works

Customers place a digital order that goes to the kitchen.

Employees are alerted to the order and begin preparation.

The order is placed in a temperature-optimized locker pod.

Customers receive a notification that their food is ready for pickup and follow the prompts to unlock their pod.

Chekt was built for dynamic, high-volume foodservice. 

& Retail

Airports & Hotels

& Arenas

Colleges & Universities

Lobby Drop-Off

Parks & Hospitality

Meeting Today's Needs and Expectations

A simpler way for dining halls, cafeterias, concession stands, and restaurants to increase throughput and improve the customer experience.




College students interested in using Chekt on Campus.*

Consumers interested in using Chekt in a stadium or arena.

Consumers interested in using Chekt in a restaurant.

Staff Smarter
We know labor is your biggest headache. By streamlining food pickup operations, Chekt solutions can help you staff smarter and protect your bottom line.


Optimize Footprint
Your space is tied directly to revenue,  so we built Chekt to be thoughtfully modular and totally customizable to your specifications, now and as you plan for the future.

Chekt is built by foodservice experts, so our offering goes deeper than products. Our high-touch business consultation helps you capitalize on emerging service models without interrupting your operations. 

Streamline Delivery  
Third party delivery can be a double-edged sword. Chekt can help you capture the added revenue without the added anguish by seamlessly automating the process.

Delight Diners
Delighting your guests is priority number one. Chekt improves the quality and consistency of your orders, while cutting long lines and reducing their wait times.

Keep It Safe
Put your guests' minds at ease with remote ordering, smart locking system and touchless pickup.

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